----MOAB---- When is the big trip?

Hey I'm just curious when the TT trip to moab is going to be? As well as to when anybody else is planning a trip to moab? I would more or less like to have a tour guide more or less. I have been there 3 times. I have ridden all the big named trails but in the past I have been hindered by a four wheeler in the group, this time if it has more that two tires it stays in the parking lot. So I am kinda looking at some single track to ride for once!! YEA!! And could you recamend some trails incase it ends up being just my nephew and I. We are both good riders (but rusty)! Thanks :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup:

I take it that know body has any advise on Moab? Or when the TT trip to Moab is? :bonk::thumbsup:

Note: You need to be dual sported and plated to ride with our group. Sign up for the mailing list if you plan to join in on our ride. :thumbsup:

I'm going to Moab the weekend after the TT ride - April 28-30. That's the same weekend as the classic car show (http://www.moab-utah.com/aprilaction/). It's fun to ride during the day and check out the classic cars in the evening.

Let me know if anyone else is going to be in Moab that weekend. Maybe we can hook up for some rides.


I take it that know body has any advise on Moab? Or when the TT trip to Moab is? :bonk::thumbsup:

there's a buncha tt-ers going to moab mar 25-26 i know. there's a thread somewhere in the chick's forum about it. i plan on leading a couple rides for good riders that rarely get stuck and don't like taking long breaks. 70-90 mile range, lots and lots of fun trails.


Got my reservation in for a cabin already. Indy, what kind of miles do you anticipate doing each day?

We do a morning ride and gas up at lunch break and then an afternoon ride. each day. Between 70 and 90 miles depending on where we are going. :thumbsup:


Can't get many 70 mile days in with trails like that second picture. That sure looks like fun though.

if thats where I think it is, it only looks like that for about five miles. :thumbsup:

Is anybody going March 29 threw the 2nd? I have decided to get a couple rides in before the big one in April.

Yes I will be out there all week March 27th thru April 1st

and then I am back April 17th thru April 23rd.

Then most likely a return trip in early October! :thumbsup:

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