XR650R Regulator/rectifier Question

While giving my bike a check over i noticed that one of the wires to the condenser was broken. Its a euro bike with a regulator/rectifier/condenser behind the headlamp. I unplugged the whole thing and the bike fires up and runs fine.

I have removed all the lights as the bike is mainly used as a track bike in supermoto form.

Other question is that the alloy finned block on top of the airbox is also a regulator? This was also disconnected and must have been for some time.

can anyone tell me what they do and will it be ok to run the bike without them plugged in?

I am sure I saw a website saying the under seat one could be removed.

many thanks



The Euro bikes have a voltage regulator for the headlight (AC voltage), and a regulator/rectifier (regulates and converts AC from stator to DC) for the taillight/brakelight/turnsignals etc... You guys have two separate lighting coils. It sounds the the one under the seat is the DC reg/rec and the AC regulator is up at your headlight.

If you aren't using any of your lights, then you don't need either. However, without them, your voltage from your stator will not be regulated (capped off at ~13VDC or VAC depending). If the voltage gets too high, your bulbs will simply blow from the excessive voltage. No harm to the bike or it's ignition system, or how the bike runs, just blown bulbs.

Thanks for that. As I said the bike has no bulbs at all so it won't be an issue. Off they come then.



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