timing question

I had a 450F cam installed in my bike last lear and ever since it has been very very hard to start. (15-25 kicks if it is cold)

I dropped it by the local shop and had them take a look at the carb. l fealt like it must be a carb jetting thing causing the hard start.

Now they double checked everything and the carb has been fixed but it still seemed hard to start. (12-15 kicks) The shop that fixed the carb is claiming the 450F cam cant be installed in my 426 and it must be the problem. (eyeroll)

Maybe the cam was installed a tooth off or something like that. :thumbsup:

I pulled the cam covers off and counted the pins and there is 13 between timing marks and the lobes look correct also. I got to thinking that maybe the cams are off time a tooth from the crank. Anybody have any tips on how to retime my bike from scratch.

Pretend the cams are out and the crank is at an unknown point. Any help is greatly appreciated as I know just enough to be dangerous.

Thanks, Eric

btw once the bike is warm I can shut it off and it restarts easily (1-2 kicks)

I have the cam in my 02 so your dealer is sniffing glue to say it can't be done! Did you install a Yamaha YZ cam or aftermarket? You say yours is installed with 13 pins but the instructions I used show 14 so maybe that's why it starts hard :thumbsup: mine starts 2-3 kicks cold and 1 when warm. Try setting it to match the link below, just make sure "I" in the "HI" is lined up with the pointer (top dead center) and then match the picture. Recheck your valve clearance while you are in there, it can't hurt.


Byggd is right - you need 14 pins between marks. Follow his link and it will be fine.

I figured the bike shop that fixed my carb was trying to get me to pay them to install the hot cams they sell.

The cam I am using is from a 450 F but I am unsure if it is from a WR or from a YZ. I dont know if that will make any difference or not as far installing and timing but I thought the WR had a little different cam and it so the timing was built into the cam from the factory.

I guess this would only come into play if I try to YZ time my WR.

I hauled my bike to work yesterday so I can get some queality time with its timing after work in a heated lighted enviroment instead of my dark cold shed.

On a side note, the sparkplug wire came apart at the point where the wire enters the boot at the plug. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that it isnt made to do that. It didnt have any wire hanging out so I dont know how it could make any spark connection in there. So I am thinking that may also be playing a part in my problems starting the bike.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,


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