Unabiker radiator guard installation question

For those of you with the Unabiker guards, did you have to do anything to your shrouds to make them fit? I'm having a really difficult time getting one of my shrouds back on.

I have a whole different problem with the other side not related to the guards.


I'm not certain, but I think I heard you have to trim the fins on the inside of the shrouds for Unabikers. I had to trim them for my Flatland guards.

No problems with mine. Bolted right up. They may have sent you the wrong year.

I had to redrill mine to make them fit :thumbsup:

No problem here either, they fit like a glove with no trimming needed. :thumbsup:

Mine fit like a glove and I have the GYT-R 3.4 gallon tank! I have eliminated the lower bolt to the radiator shroud by using a 2" long bolt on the lower mount and just letting the shroud hook on to the threaded end of the long bolt! No more fighting that lower bolt and nut to take off the tank. It never pops off ever. Call Brian at Unabiker and he can walk you thru or replace them if you have the wrong bend. :thumbsup:

I got a bad set for my 01 but brian took care of it and I am very happy with the new guards.... :thumbsup: tough as nails, and they virtually payed for themselves (in that I no longer send may rads to myler's 3 times a year.. ) :bonk:


Just got them on. They fit great. Shrouds went on without a hitch.

Amazing how things work out when you actually read the directions.

Thanks for your help.

Amazing how things work out when you actually read the directions...

Directions? You used the directions? You wuss :thumbsup: !!!...

I did the same thing when I first put mine on. For that bottom bolt, I went the same route as Indy, but it started tearing the shrouds after a while 'cuz the little oblong inserts kept going free range on me. I finally replaced the inserts and opted for a longer socket head bolt and wing nut to keep things nice and snug, yet convenient for removal...SC

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