Quiet pipe/muffler setup?

Greetings All -

I just picked up a 1993 XR600 and it has a nice pro circuit pipe/muffler setup on it but I am looking for something a lot quieter...any suggestions on where I can pick something like that up for it? Appreciate any info..thank you

stock.....ebay it.

You can also try the FMF "Q". I think its rated to be less then 96 db, but won't restrict the airflow like the stocker. Its going to be a little louder then the stock, but you'll get a lot more performance out of it.


Thanks for the info...i tried ebay but didnt see anything there besides a supertrap clone muffler...and I think ill have to get the pipe and the muffler because the pro circuit one has a larger diameter pipe than stock..its huge....thanks for the info..maybe i can mod a supertrap onto the pro circuit pipe..

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