Should I go WRF or KXF?

Hey guys, I'm a first time poster here... been thinking I was going to get the KXF450 for a while because I am a kawi lover since I had my 93 KX250... but I previously was a yamaha guy having both yz80 and now I'm leaning toward the wr for the most part. My question is

knowing that I love the power/hit of a 250 mx bike, but not being able to go to any tracks (on a regular basis anyway) once i get my next the wr the best choice for me? If so, what year model is the best? I was thinking like an 05 or something.. dunno yet, but I also thought I wanted to plate it so I could at least ride it to work if I wanted to. Also, if I do plate the they have a key or something so someone can't just ride it away? Looking for some input from the WR guys. ALSO, last thought, is the 426 a lot less powerful than the 450 models? What is the steering rake? Are those dimensions or any of that information different from the YZ to the WR?



the YZ's are a crap load lighter than the WR's. They are basically the same bike, but the WR has been tuned for enduro riding. The 426's don't loose much at all on the newer 450's. Infact, their power delivery is a lot more aggressive. The steering rake was larger on the older models, great for straight line stability, but turning suffers.

I think you need to assess what you want in a bike, definately go out and test ride a few.

Matty is right the new YZ450 with aluminum frame bows to no other 4 stroke on the market. Reliable, fast, light and proven! The KXF is to new to take the risk. :bonk:

If you want to plate it forget the KXF or YZ. The WR is easiest to plate, :thumbsup:

I was thinking like an 05 or something.. dunno yet, but I also thought I wanted to plate it so I could at least ride it to work if I wanted to. Also, if I do plate the they have a key or something so someone can't just ride it away?

The WR would be a good choice if you want to tag it in Missouri...I know of at least three tagged WR450's (including mine) in southern Missouri - it's pretty easy. The WR doesn't come with a key switch, but one can be added, they are available from a number of sources. If you search on this forum you'll find all the information you'll ever need on this topic. Missouri doesn't require much for a tag - I've added a mirror, rear brake light and a tag bracket and that's all. One buddy, had to add a horn to get his to pass inspection - it sort of depends on where you go. And...the WR is a great ride for the rocky, steep terrain we have around here - I spent the day at Chadwick yesterday with friends and we all just rode there from home on tagged WR's and KTM's. :thumbsup:

The KTM EXC 450/525 is another good choice that seems to be pretty easy to tag here.

Yeah the differences you are going to see between the KXF and the WRF are gonna be huge. Such as the smaller rear wheel on the WR. It makes for amazing cornering ability, but you feel a difference in the whoops and over any series of bumps. The power is also going to be alot different. Im sure you know how an MX bike feels since thats all you have ever ridden. The WR power delivery is alot smoother and more gentle. You can however put YZ timing into it of you like the way an MX bike feels. But if you are serious about getting it street legal, dont even mess with an MX bike, go w/ the WR and spend another 100-200 bucks on the kit and tires.

Sweet man...that there is good information to know about. I'm gonna pursue the WR for sure.... I was leaning that way anyway. BTW, I'm in the Branson area... so I know full well about chadwick. I used to ride my KX there all the time. Thats awesome. I'm stoked now and can't wait to get my bike. It will probably be in the spring when I get it. Hopefully.

If you like the 2 strokes, you can always get a KTM exc 2 stroke - They are registerable, reliable and come in 125, 200, 250, and 300cc. I don't know which models you get in USA? With your new epa standards coming out now is the time to get one. If you wait, you will miss out on being able to register one as I believe.

They are arguably the best offroad bike available, they weigh about 25lbs lighter (224.5lbs vs 249.1lbs just on claimed weights, most likely a lot more in real life) than the WR's and have just as much power.

well i think you should get an XR400. but thats just MY opinion!


What you doing for lunch today eric? :thumbsup:


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