Is the Rekluse Clutch that good? 06 WR 450F

so I just started reading about this new type of clutch and it seems interesting. Anyone have any experience they can share? I've also read about the bike jerking, etc afterwards. Is this a pain in the ass to install?

It's pricey at $400 for my 06 WR 450 so I'm curious if it works as claimed and as good as the price would indicate?


Yep its the real deal. Not too bad to install, however it does take a little playing to get it dailed in just right. We put one in my buddies WR and he loves it. He would be lost without it. Its very fun to ride and I am thinking of putting one in my new YZ. The biggest downside is youre always in "neutral" if the engine isnt running. This can be an issue while hillclimbing. If you dont make the hill, its hard as hell to bulldog a bike down without the rear wheel locked up. Other than that, its awesome.

Yes they are very good, do a search for for more info. The biggest thing is to have the bike running well as it can affect how the clutch works. I love mine!

I had it and loved it, but did not like the engine braking down hill. You can get a perch adjuster for another hundred bucks so that you can keep your clutch lever. If the clutch was hard to dial in the perch is more. I didn't do it right and I smoked my clutch 85 miles into a 130 mile ride at Danial Boone national forest. (very hilly) Then I had to tear it apart and install new clutch plates. The directions with the Rekluse tell you to lock-tite these tiny ass Torx screws. I did that originally and then used a torque wrench to tighten them. When I went to remove them, I busted 6 different T-10 drivers and had to drill out 4 of 12 screws. Also, you have to buy the oversized clutch case cover cause the thick gasket they give you sucks. It leaks and breaks real easy. That cover is $130. My '04 WR 450 cannot be dialed quite write with the standard kit that Rekuse sends you, so you gotta buy these overwieght balls to add to the system, 25 bucks. Finally, good luck getting it write with your oem clutch cable, 40 more bucks gets you a longer cable from Rekluse. All said and told your $400 auto clutch runs you about 700.

I ride with some guys who have this on a WR450, yz 450 and CRF450X and they love it, setup as I just described. I bought all these extras this week and will have it all installed before I go on a three day ride in TN in mid february. I will not ride it before one of these guys tune it for me on that ride, cause if that perch adjuster isn't right, you are f**k*d.

My story

initial love, serious fgrustration, wrist pain from ride after ride of pulling that stiff 450 clutch, Happy ending if Indy450 can tune it anywhere close to his.

:thumbsup: right write

Jag is right. I spent $700. to get all that you really need to do it right. Z-start clutch, deeper clutch cover, perch adjustor kit, longer clutch cable, and 6 tungsten carbide balls. Awesome performance! :bonk::thumbsup::eek: If you like low speed tight and technical nasty riding it is a great product for wide open faster riding it really has no benefit. :thumbsup:

definitely spring for the perch adjuster....well worth the $$ :thumbsup:

if you locktite the little screws make sure to use blue not red,when removing them use a little heat (i use an electric heat gun) and they come right out :thumbsup: the rekluse is awesome :bonk:

Best money I spent on my bike (close second is Scott's stabilizer). Not that hard to set up, just follow directions and do it right. I definitely recommend the perch adjuster. Makes technical riding a breeze. Be careful about starting the bike in gear and revving the motor - recommend installing a neutral light.

It is pricey, I added the rear brake relocator also which puts the rear brake where the clutch lever was and I have a one finger clutch lever just above that. I love the recluse and having the rear brake on the bars is awesome, I have more control that I ever thought I would from a rear brake. I have had no problems from the install to riding, I use Delo 400 and change after every ride.

The best $$ spent yet.


One word of warning: I was riding with a guy who had a rekluse in on his two stroke. Was paddling his bike through some low hanging branches at 2mph and a branch caught his throttle cable. He went for a wild ride. His knee and knee brace were both shattered. More likely on a two stroke with the single cable, but still worth thinking about.

that can happen with or without a rekluse,just let go :thumbsup:

Without the rekluse you would be feathering the clutch though, and i doubt a lightly engaged clutch would be able to transmit that much power.

But i agree, letting go would be the smartest option. I don't know that i would think that quick. He went from standing still to flying of the trail in no seconds flat.

its just something to have in your mind when the bike starts to take off with the throttle closed...

Great point MouseMeat. I have had the throttle cable fray, break and snap wide open. The kill switch wont work and nor will the perch overide if it is at full open throttle the engine just diesels! As Mountainman says just let go of the bike and let it crash. You can be flying in a split second! Nothing accelerates quicker than a bike with a stuck open throttle! :thumbsup:

With the recluse clutch on my wr it makes really big nasty, rocky hills smaller, and very hard to stall in the very tight woods! :thumbsup:

I'll never own another bike without putting a Rekluse AC in it. Its absolutely the best modification you can do. Its like cheating.

So what is the actual purpose of the perch adjuster? I just installed the Auto Clutch today on my 426. I read one post about the problem of stalling while climbing a hill and then the bike is in neutral so it will want to roll backward down the hill. Correct me if I am wrong but if the clutch is installed correctly it should not be stalling in the first place unless you are trying to climb a wall.

Perch adjuster lets you keep your clutch lever and it still works the same, also makes it easier to put into neutral. I installed it on my 02 WR 426 and it made trail riding a breeze. Never stalled the motor since installed. Yes the clutch will not be in gear when not running. Make sure you have the brakes on or you will have to run after it. I think that this product is well worth the money.

Thanks for the info, I will be getting one soon.

It is a great product and I have been using one in my 04 yz450 since Oct. 2004 due to a finger injury. I don't understand why people think you don't need it for open fast stuff, because eventually your going to go slow. I race D-37 desert and there's always a lot of technical and thats where it shines. Also no problem going down big hills, when you use rear break the engine goes to idle, then blip the throttle and "wala" engine braking. I like this feature because you can't kill the motor accidentally especially when going down hill over big rocks where bump starting could be a problem.

BTW...I have -0- problems with mine and I ride my bike hard, still have stock clutch plates and the gasket it came with. I did not buy the cover, but I do have the perch override. The key to keeping your clutch in shape is riding your bike in the power band, it's not like an automatic transmission.

Also, I've been using Delo 400 15-40 wt oil sense I installed it as recommended by Rekluse. Can't wait to put one in the 06 zy450 :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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