Steering Stem Bearings... Never again please!!!

Well I've taken the last week and did alot of maintenance and work in order to get the ol' 04 ready for the 2006 race season, I really need to get one more year out of it :bonk:

After new springs, wheel bearings, brakes, valve adj., repack swing arm and linkage bearings, chain and sprockets, lube the cables, etc..., etc....., etc.... I decide that I will finish it all off by replacing the steering stem bearings, something I've never done before but hey, it can't be to hard right? WRONG :eek:

Getting the top clamp is easy enuf, gettting the the lower clamp and stem off is easy enough, the upper bearing comes off no problem, (wow this is going good :p ), the outer races in the steering neck of the frame are kind-of-a bitch but after a little sweet talk they pop out, whew..... OK it's approximately 7:30 PM Friday and all I gotta do is get the lower bearing off of the steering stem and then put it all together, things are going OK :thumbsup: .....

I did not get that mother :thumbsup: ing lower bearing race off of that stem until 4:00 PM Saturday :cool: I heated it up and pounded the livin' $hit out of it, (just like my manual showed me) over and over and over again, went through two chisels and many beers before I won, yes, I WON :worthy:

The new bearings went in well and tomorrow morning the whole nightmare will fade from my memory as I focus on nothing but whats out in front of my fender as I am riding but for now I must warn the rest of you about this bearing that the Devil himself must have installed.........

Anyone else been thru this? Anyone else have a better method? Inquiring minds want to know.................

Why didn't you cut it off? I could of had that sucker off in about 1 - 2 min with my 4" grinder and dremel.

I did mine before last year's riding season. I had my old bearing pressed off and the new one pressed on. Personally, I would not try to beat, heat or cut the old bearing off.

Did it really need them that soon? Still got the original ones in my 00.

Next new bike I get, the first thing I'm going to do is tear it down and repack ALL of the bearings. I did my headset and 6 years later they are still good. I didn't do the rear linkage and luckily caught it before they siezed. Oh and install an O-ring chain...

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