Noisy Clutch

I've just started noticing a funny noise on my 2004 WR450F, when idling there is a "whirring" sound by the clutch cover, this dissapears when I pull the clutch in. I also get the noise when moving along. The clutch is working fine and does not slip even under heavy load. Everything else seems fine on the bike. Any ideas.... Thanks Darren

I would not worry about it if you just got the bike. Yamaha engines make some god awful sounds. If it is working properly dont worry about it. Just ride the beast they come with heavy duty clutches so I doubt yours is worn out yet. If this is a new sound that was not there before then it may be worth tearing into and inspecting the main gear slop on the basket and the main bearing on the inner clutch basket. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info., I've just changed the oil and the noise has reduced but its still there. Does the fact that it disappears when I pull the clutch in indicate its some kind of thrust bearing noise?

If it is a bearing it will get noisier. Keep an eye on it and I would just ride for now. :thumbsup:

Is the noise more noticeable when the engine is warm than when cold?

My 03 wr450 makes the same noise and I have had no problems yet but I have only owned it for 6 mos.

Boer, the noise is very slightly noisier when the engine has warmed up but its their straight from start up.

My 03 wr450 makes the same noise and I have had no problems yet but I have only owned it for 6 mos.

I was going to say I'm glad someone else has the same noise, but I'll wait to see if it is a real problem!! Lets both hope not.

My bike is brand new and it makes the same sound. I think its normal!?!?! :thumbsup:

Clutch noise was popular with 03 and 04 models, there have been a couple of mods posted here somewhere to address the issue. On my 03 I had the clutch boss modified with holes drilled so that oil could reach the clutch more effectively, it worked, and the chatter was gone. The other mod was done with exchanging YZ clutch parts. Sorry I don't have more detailed info but it's been a while, do a search on the mod.... Yamaha engines are not "noisy" by late model four stroke standards, they had some chatter coming from the clutch but otherwise they are known as solid, vibration free engines (from everything I've experienced).

Also try Delo 400 or Rotella - T which provides better lubrications for our clutches. The mod Dan Lorenze talks about is increasing oil hole flow in the inner clutch basket. Stock 3mm diameter holes need to be increased to 4 mm diameter on the inner hub.

The guys with 03/04 on the YZ450 forum drilled out all the small 3mm holes oversized to 4mm holes in the inner clutch hub to allow more oil to get between the clutch plates. Ty Davis also does this. Apparently it helps with clutches that are grabby in new condtion.

My 05 fz6 street bike makes this noise also,doesnt seem to cause any problems,have had it up to 12k rpm. noticeable only @ idle. Yamaha makes noisy engines that's all there is to it.

Thanks for all the advice, assuming the noise doesnt affect the performance of the clutch do you think its still worthwhile leaving it alone or will the mod. improve performance as well as noise levels?

I have an 03 and an 06, they both have what I thought was a noisey clutch... Until I worked on a friends KTM. I have a lot of hard miles on my 03. I just recently replaced my clutch with a slipper and a hinson basket and the noise went away. The stck parts look fine. Must just be the nature of the beast..

my 400ex clutch was making a ticking noise when i would pull in and out the clutch lever. the noise came from the motor running or not. the quad would jerk hard 3 times when i would let the clutch lever out. no more than a month after that i needed new clutch plates

I bought a 2005 with 100 or so miles on it. The clutch makes the same noise. With clutch in, no noise, out, noise, and when I rev the engine in neutral I get a vibration. Do you get a vibration when doing the same? My partners 03 makes noise but no where near the noise I get. He gets no vibration when revining his engine. I have about 600 miles on it so far, it is the same. I do not like the noise and vibration, however this problem is my only complaint about this bike. Let me know if you get a vibration of sorts when you rev. the engine in neutral. If you do I will feel much better about things. I really feel that I just got one out of thousands made that the tolerences are not as close as they should be on the clutch, as may be your case also. Thanks

I have the same problem with my 05 mine has a whining when I engage the clutch. When I disengage then it is quiet again.

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