changing between yamalube oil question

I have a 03' YZ450. The guy before me(1st owner) only used Yamalube 4R 10W-50R semi-synthetic racing oil. I bought a case of Yamalube 4 20W-40 from because they had a reasonable price.

Would I be doing this bike a disservice by doing so?Any performance problems?

I really would like to hear from my Yamaha colleagues to know what you think...:bonk::thumbsup::thumbsup:

No issue...I'm getting ready to do the same thing, but I'm going the other way and switching to synthetic oil.

probably not ive used 20w40 yamaha oil in my 2000 426 my 02 , 04 with no problems at all . on my 04 450 i started with the 20w40 then switched to amsoil synthectic for 1 season and then had to go back to the yamaha oil ( we lost the amsoil sponsor) but the bike never had any problems with switching oils .now im back using the 20w40 in my 06 450

Change the oil frequently; 5-6 hours max. Yamalube does not retain its high temperature viscosity particularly well according to testing I have seen.

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