02 426 wont idle

it was stored for a while so i cleaned out carb still wont idle when i turn chock off? plug is clean fresh gas fuel screw 1 1/2 out? :thumbsup:

Adjust the idle?

If you're sure the carb is clean and adjusting the idle doesn't help, and you're sure the slide is in the carb correctly (looks correct when it's backwards so be careful), then next check the valves. If the clearances get tight then bad or no idle is a sign. But that would only be a likely cause if it did not idle when it went into storage.

make sure you don't have an air leak...especially if you just had the carb off.

thanks for the tips done all that, also heard possibly pilot jet i guess thier very touchy.

New plug?

Clean air filter? Not over oiled?

Did it idle okay before or were there issues then?

Full jetting specs are what?

Will the fuel screw not get you to idle correctly? Turn it way out or way in....

You said you cleaned the carb. Did you have the slide out? If so, did you get the vaccum release plate back right?

The little cut out goes down. The pointy end goes up. It looks upside down like that, but its not.

I had to adjust my pilot jet.

thanks for the help i just started over and found a semi clogged pilot jet. now it barks just fine, oh yeah and it idles

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