New boots - Cant change gears!

So I slipped ont he new Gaerne Boots on the weekend, dragged out ole bluey, fired him up and took off down the road...It didnt take long to realise that I was really struggling to change gears! The boots were so much stiffer (and not worn in of course) than my old ones that I really had to try so hard and conciously to change gears! First thing I did was head back to the garage and moved the gear lever up one notch.

I'm hoping this will gradually get better over time. An easy ankle movement to change gears and apply the rear brakes is so much easier than having to use a whole leg movement.

How do people with the Tech 8's cope with this? I tried those on and they felt like bloody ski boots!

Any suggestions or advice?

i don't think there is a fix. i bought tech 6's and when i ride my 97 xr-400 i have the same problem...jump on my 01 wr-426 and it's fine...go figure

It does take some getting used to. Once I got a feel for the pedal pressure I preferred it stiff. If you ride on the balls of your feet you have to move your whole leg anyway.

Check out the sidi boots at motonation, they have a hinge at the ankle. I've never worn them but I'm pretty intrigued.

It just takes time to get used to.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Same problem with my new boots. No problem just adjust the levers untill you get broken in. Then move them back to where they were.

There is a saying about new boots. You dont break them in, they break you in :) .

I put on some extra thick wool socks ans walk around in new boots for like 2 hours or as long as I can stand it. Thats the best way to break the ankles in I think. You just dont move your ankles and feet that muck durring riding to brake em in.

Well after a good session of riding they are starting to loosen up a bit. As YZ400 says, they just take time to get used to.

thanks for the response though.

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