Bleeding BRAKING 4pot caliper, problems


Just bought a 4pot Braking caliper, and mounted it tonight..

Stock pump, and brake line..

Tried to pump up pressure with the brake lever, letting air out of the caliper, shut the caliper, and pumped for pressure again.. Standard brake bleeding, wich i have done to my car several times.. No problems there..

BUT, i never get any pressure... Only a liiitle bit, enough to push out a little brake fluid.. The brake handle can be pushed into the bars easy, even after 10 push/pull..

And as if this is`nt enough, i tried to ride the bike for a little spin, and felt the brake hanging on the disk, without touching the brakes... When i got back i felt that the disk was a little hot, and could tell by looking at the disk, that it was the inner pad that had been causing this..

Why does my brake pad try to hang on to my disk?? Is this because i have air in the system yet?

Please tell me how to bleed the air out of this bastard :thumbsup:


Take that whole front brake system off. You need to get that bleeder valve as the highest point so all air can come out. Othervise it will pocket itself in every single turn of that brakeline.

Timo Mc

So the caliper will be above the lever and reservor?

Will it work just as well if i put brake fluid in with pressure directly in the valve, letting the air out of the fluid reservor?

In other words, directly the opposite way than "usual"..

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