Suspension rebound force adjustment

I was adjusting my rear suspension after installing a stiffer rear shock spring. Everthing went according to the manual until I tried to adjust the rear shock absorber rebound damping force adjustment. The manual says to turn out the screw a number of clicks. I don't hear clicks like I did with the compression damping force adjustment. Is there a problem or is that normal?

You won't hear clicks but you will feel them. Are you sure you are not turning the high speed comp nut (top outer adjuster) by mistake? This doens't have any clicks so to speak.

No, the one I am referring to is the rear shock absorber rebound damping force adjuster. It is located all by itself. The low compression damping force adjuster and high compression damping force adjuster are the two that are located in the same place, the screw inside the nut.

I heard and felt the clicks on the low compression adjuster.

You should feel them on the rebound too. Maybe try to wind it all the way in, it might be all the way out.........

Did that, Matty. Per the manual, I turned it all the way in, then was going to bring it out 6 clicks to be a little more stiff than the 9 click standard position.

With a 6.8kg/mm spring - you might be best off with a revalve............

I don't know why you cant fell the clicks, might have some crap in there? I would turn it real slow - you might feel a slight bump????

Regarding the revalve suggestion, I've never tuned any suspension or had it turn for me before for any of my bikes, starting with the XR 50 in 1976 and up through my WR 4 or 5 bikes later.

So, I'm taking it slow so I can see what each change does. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I heard the clicks on the other adjuster, so I think I have a decent idea of what they feel like. So, I just guessed on the adjuster that didn't click and we'll see whay happens!

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