jets for 93' 650L


I am working on a real fixer upper. I got the carb apart again, and the jets are a 55s and a 155. The bike is stock as far as I know and I don't plan on changing much, maybe a better airfilter and blocking the smog stuff. Are these the stock jets, should I think about upgading. (I'm not planning on high elevation, or racing, I just want it to run and start good.) Also how far out should that little screw on the bottom of the engine side throat be ( I think it is the mixture screw?).

Thanks TL

Do a search and you will find alot of info of the carb itself and how to max it out.

Install high flow aftermarket air filter (i.e. Uni,K&N)

re-jet carb; 55 pilot/165 main

Shim stock needle .024 (ish)

Drill vacuum slide holes to 5/32

Grind stopper tab off air/fuel mix screw and turn out 2 to 2 1/2 turns.

Thats mine.

You should have a 158 main and drill the slide. Play with you needle positions.

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