XR250 or XR400 wheel on a 650R

Anyone know if this can be done? I have a cracked front wheel and I've found a couple of replacement wheels only they are off of a XR250. The Honda shop tells me that they have to different part numbers but they can't tell me if it can be done or not. Any ideas?

The front from an XR400 will work, I have one on mine right now. I believe the XR250 has the same front wheel as the XR400.

I have had mine welded a few times with success. Also if you buy a new 21" rim they are pretty easy to lace.


The front fender from an XR400 fit on my 650R as well, and they have different part #'s( plus the XR650r front fender is listed more expensive :thumbsup: ).


I'm figured it would probably work, my Dad put a front wheel from an '84 XR250 onto his '90 XR600. No problems.

For what wheels go for on ebay you could just about buy a new rim and have it laced up.

I do know that the xr250 and xr400 front wheels are different in that they have differnent axel diameters. The one from a 400 may work on the 650R but the 250 for sure won't. I tried to replace the front wheel off of my 2001 250 onto our 2002 xr400 just for the day and it won't work.

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