WR 450 Float problem?

My WR 450 is pouring gas out of the overflow from the carb, even when the bike is running. Is my float stuck, or is there anything else that could be problem?

Yep, stuck float. Give the bowl a couple of good taps on the side with the handle of a screwdriver and it should loosen it. Ultimately though, you'll want to pull the bowl and give everything a good cleaning. Same thing happened to me...SC

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried tapping the bowl but it didn't work. Looks like I'll have to take it off and clean it out.

Well, I got up the nerve to take the carb out and pull it apart, and there it was, some crap between the float needle and seat. Problem solved!

So after this I decided to mess with the pilot screw.... doh... I can't get it to idle now. What's a good starting point, 2 turns from all the way closed? I'm at sea level.

Set it at 2.5 and go for a 20-minute ride to warm it up. Then idle the bike and start turning it clockwise until it starts to die. Back it out to the point where it sounds the best at idle and not a tick more. If you need to go more than 2.5 then your too lean on your pilot jet, but since it was running well before, then it will likely be something else like a clogged jet...SC

Thanks a bunch, I'll give that a try.

I got the MSR mixture screw and got it in and it's idling fine now. The only issue I see now is that I have to turn the mixture screw almost all the way in before the motor starts to hesitate. It idles fine at about 1/4 - 1/2 turn out, but I'm still running it at 1 turn because I don't want it to be too lean.

Maybe the pilot jet is a bit too rich?

What size jets/needle position are you running, and at what altitude/temp? Oh ya, what year bike?...SC

It's an '03 WR 450 with all stock jetting as far as I know. I haven't looked at the clip setting yet. I'm at sea level.

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