rebuild tips please

the old 400 is about to get a refresh and after considering bore kits 430/444 i have now decided to stay as close to original as possible.

just returned from 4 day ride and the old girl is making some yukky sounds as you back off the throttle and just when you go back on. no difference in power or anything.

I have learnt that the the 'little ' end bearing on the rod is possibly a weak link in the 400 and would like any advice on the best rebuid process.

I intend to change timing chain, possibly rod, have the counterbalancer inspected, new rings and bearings etc.

if anyone has such a list of procedures that i can go back and get all the details from threads on here for the mechanic that works on my bike it would be much appreciated.

just on the ride, bloody hell WR's are great!!! we covered about 450-500km of everything from muddy single track,beaches, wide dead smooth forestry roads,rocky rutted mountain tracks, twisty sealed sections between bush tracks, the lot, and the old girl just takes it all in it's stride. thats why i figured out i dont need more power. spent a bit of time doing this,

but top trip, even learned to use my back brake finally.

weather went from thunder storms with lightning cracking onto the beaches around us to 30degree plus heat and snakes. couldnt ask for more

if any TT ers can make it to this end of OZ i would be only too happy to take you there.

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