650R crank???

Hey guys. I tore apart my engine to rebuild the top end but found that the piston pin and connecting rod hole are scored. I noticed that Honda does not sell the connecting rod on it's own. You have to buy the whole crank shaft assembly. Does anyone know of any other options besides buying a whole new crank?

You just need a rod then? If so this would be the perfect time to step up to a carillo rod or something along those lines.

Yep I would go with the Carillo rod, much better piece of kit compared to the Honda item.

Oh and throw in a fresh 680 high comp piston & hot cam while you are at it.

I got the Hotcam, Kibblewhite springs/titanium retainers and Edelbrock carb. My budget stops there. I just want to fix the rod. I wonder why the rod isn't available through Honda?

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