Anybody want to change their 05 WR to an 06??

This seems like a pretty good deal...

I was going to buy the computer off him, but I would need the throttle cable (I think they are electronic), and the triple clamp as well (for mounting the computer). I just don't have $225... but all those parts are worth a lot more than what he's asking...

If you want the odometer tell him you just want the computer and wiring. You can make up your own bracket and mount it pretty easily. I emailed him a week or so ago and he wanted $125 for the odometer.

I just might do that actually..... I really like the new instument cluster...

I bought it. What do you mean about the throttle cable being electric? I put up a post to find out how to wire it, but I haven't got the info yet. It does have a black, brown, and red/white wire that hook up to something. It must be power, but I don't know about the third wire.


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