New to the YZ 400

Well I just bought my first bike and i like it for the most part!( except for the little hard to start issue!) haha Anyway guys I have a bunch of questions but I'll ask just one tonight....Is it normal for the header pipe to glow red hot after running the bike? If anyone coulf help I'd appreciate it.


Yes, if you let it idle for more than 1 or two minutes, it will.

If you are letting it sit and idle for extended periods, that is normal. But if you just start it up, ride it around the yard and kill it 45 seconds later and find it glowing red, then you are probably running lean.

yah,that's completely normal,pretty freaky ,first time you notice it though. wait till a stick gets caught in the heat shield,smell like a forest fire goin' down the road.

Hey thanks guys for the comments. Helps out alot! Jeez tried to drain the oil this morning and the guy i bought the bike from must of put 8,000 lb of torque on that drain plug. haha Not to mention the plug was already stripped. So we had a hell of a time trying to get that plug out. Finally got it out to find that the drain hole is all stripped out. So now I have to figure out what to do next!

Welcome to the world of motorcycles huh! haha

hi i have the same bike and mine was stipped also when i went to do th oil for th first time you could try a heli coil i had to retap the hole and find a bigger sump plug :thumbsup:

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