Stolen motorcycle

I hoped this day would never come, but it did. This morning I woke up to go mtn. biking and found my beloved dual sport missing. My heart dropped. It appears that during the night, a couple of dirtbags decided to walk into my carport and steal it. Yes it had a lock on it and no, it was not attached to a fixed object. The one and only fixed object I have is a post in the cement, and my buddy’s DRZ is lock to it. So please, no lectures on how I should have done a better job securing it against theft. Bringing it upstairs to my bedroom was not an option, so I did what I could. Had I parked the SUV a bit closer to the wall, they would not have been able to get it out, but unfortunately I didn’t last night. As for the thieves, they won’t be riding it soon, since I had both sprockets, the chain and the chain guides removed for replacement. It is a 2001 XR650R with CA plate # 16C5681, Clarke 4.3, aluminum skid plate, roll chart holder, GUTS seat cover and a TrailTech computer mount. I will try and post a photo. If anyone happens to see it, please call the local law enforcement. I can only hope that somehow it gets recovered, but realistically, I think it’s gone forever. :thumbsup:


I hate hearing news like this, Sorry for the loss.... :thumbsup:

It just burns me to no end to hear about the scum of the earth stealing from people out there...It may not help right now, But i do believe in carma...

Thieves will meet there doom in a baad way...

If it's plated I'm assuming you have insurance, does your insurance cover theft? I read somewhere that a large percentage of bike that are stolen are stolen from people who live close buy. Check out the neighborhood and ask around. Hope it all works out for you.

Sorry to hear that. You might add where it was stolen from so people can keep a look out.


where are you located?

Its not an easy bike to hide.....

Sorry about your luck

that really sucks, I know the feeling ... the license plate number will be of no help ... post the VIN ## for us .. in fact, maybe we should have a category in here for "Stolen VIN ## ONLY" , no discussion, etc., just the serial numbers .. ?? .. might turn a bike up now and then with that .. good luck

Hey guys,

Good suggestions. It was stolen from Irvine, so I figure if it is ridden locally, It will show up somewhere in the So Cal riding areas. It would be kind of stupid for them to ride it on the street since it would stick out like a sore thumb. The VIN number is JH2RE01161K200961. Thanks for any help you guys can give.

That blows man, I'll keep my eyes open............

god.....if someone stole my baby.....i dont want to even think about the things i would do to them. glad ive got the handlebar lock.....that makes her kinda hard to steal.

Bad luck man... sorry to hear it.... shit!

An old middle Eastern curse to help them on their way....

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their ball bags.... and may

their fingers turn into fishing hooks!! ...... bastards.

This stuff really burns me up :thumbsup:

I hope you were insured well enough.

If it's plated I'm assuming you have insurance, does your insurance cover theft?

Yes, it is fully insured because I still have a lien holder. I'm waiting to hear what the insurance adjuster will give me if it is never recovered. My biggest issue is the plate. How am I going to get a new BRP with a CA plate? :thumbsup: A used one might be the only option.

I feel your pain man. Its stuff like this that makes you never want to trust anyone again. I keep mine in the garage w/ a disc lock on it, and I still worry about it.

I had an XR600 that was stolen about 5 years ago, and it WAS chained to a light pole. Fortunatly, it was in a small town, and what they say about it being someone close by is true, cause it was stolen by some punk kid in the town. The cops found it a few days later sittin in some bushes, a little scratched, but all there...

I hope yours has the same ending man...


I can only hope I have the same outcome as you did.

You are right about the trust issue. In fact, I am starting to wonder how trustworthy the maintenance people are where I live. I'm going to the hardware store on the way home today to buy new door locks now. Geez, see what paranoia will do to you!

Very sorry to hear about the theft. I lost my O1 BRP last July the same way. No matter how careful you were before, you become even more paranoid the next time around. I have TWO disc locks on it now, and one is also a motion alarm. (Xena)

The very best of luck to you.

I'd put in a word with the local dealers in your area. Ask if they have had anyone in looking ot purchase chain and sprockets for the BRP.

Keep a eye on Ebay incase any parts that look like yours show up listed from your area, best of luck on the ordeal.

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