03 WR450 -> YZ timing

I would like to try the YZ timing on my WR. Should I replace the WR cam with a YZ cam ? Or should I just rotate the cam ? People here are saying that you need to replace the cam.

The part catalogue (http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/parts/home.aspx)

lists the same part number (5TA-12170-00-00) for '03 YZ450 and WR450.

yes, replace the cam! you cant rotate it because of the autodecomp.

It is the exhaust cam that is different!!!!!

Buy a hotcams cam, they are cheap and the gains are better.

My mistake :thumbsup: , I was looking the intake cam instead of the exhaust cam.

Anyone tried to dissasemble the autodecompression mechanism and grind the pin down (or replace) that sticks out ?

no.... you can get your cams repressed if you want to pay big bucks....

get a new cam.

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