Tall guys....

I agree that most risers only aggravate the problem however the risers I am speaking of move the bars 1.5"s farther forward AND up. I avoid rolling the bars too far forward as it creates an unatural position for my wrists and contributes to arm pump on my particular body.

I have realatively small feet for my ,size 11, so my results with the control lengths have been mixed, right now it appears my 06 YZF450 will get a shorter shifter but the brake seems short from the factory. Trouble is that you gotta get a competent welder that knows the fine art of welding forged aluminum or the area of the weld will become very weak. I snapped a shortened brake pedal at the weld quite easily. I have heard it is somehwere between difficult and impossible to weld such forged pieces without losing the strength.

Speaking of which the shifter on the 06 is evidently made of butter! I bent mine yesterday and it bent back so easily it was scary definetly not normal.

I am 6'5" and have have raced for almost ten years. It took me a long time to realize this, but by dropping your pegs and buying hugely tall bars will only screw you up more. .

So does lowering your pegs make the bike harder to turn?. I did this mod mainly to achieve greater peg to shifter/brake pedal distance -- size 13 boots

Wouldn't a taller seat also change the CG.

Wouldn't a taller seat also change the CG.

Only when your butt's on it :bonk:

I dropped my pegs and went with a GUTS tall firm to help straighten my legs to make it easier to get from a seated to a standing position.

The peg mod is easy...

Remove the pegs. Right remains right, left remains left. Swap the springs left to right and right to left (don't reinstall yet).

Now, take a hacksaw and cut the tube off of the bottom of the peg. File the peg smooth. Move the tube to the top of the peg, put the spring on the tube, slip the assembly into the frame and put the pin back in. Some guys like to weld the tube to the top of the peg, but I didn't and it's been just fine.

The Fastway pegs give you a bigger platform, but no lower. This is as low and as far back as you can go. If anything, the Fastway pegs reduce clearance between the brake and shifter because they ARE a bigger platform... I think platform is an appropriate term :thumbsup:

Here's mine:


I know the peg mod is easy, i've done it. i want to know if pegs in the low position have a negitive effect on cornering -- i thought it would've improved the bikes handling as the cg is lowered??

I know the peg mod is easy, i've done it.

I know... I was responding to the OP who was asking how to do it.

I'll assume everybody is different, but for me getting a bike to fit is THE #1 most important thing to do.

I got race results to back it up, but more importantly I have helped several other oversized riders set-up their bikes and the results have always been spectacular. these things are designed for guys in the mid 5's if your over 6', 10mm aint gonna cut it! You gotta go big.

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