No-Toil filter oil

Anybody using this filter oil and cleaner?

I live in the middle of the dessert. Is this oil as good as it claims with repsect to keeping my engine clean? Anybody have experience? :thumbsup:

YES, This is the way to go if you ask me. Easy to clean with NO solvents and really good filtration.

Buy two filters and switch out often :thumbsup:

No Toil is good: one proviso, dont leave a filter in the bike with this oil for more than about two weeks (you have to be crazy or ride in a clean place) or so as the filter will stick to anythng it is touching and etar when removed - messy!

As a comparison, a whole bunch of oils were reviewed late last year by Dirt Rider (USA) and No-toil rated highly. Others that also rated well:

Rock Oil

Motul and


As mentioned, run two filters (buy a good quality aftermarket such as Twin Air) and swap them out each ride. I would also suggest running a filter skin (perhaps dry) as the fine sand and dust in the desert must be avoided. You can refresh your filter on a long ride, just take off the skin...

Aussie experience has sadly shown that the Titanium Valves in the Yamaha get eaten alive by unfiltered dust.

BTW, are you in Dubai? I've heard there are some great desert rides - a bunch of Assies run them on XRs.


Yup, staying in Dubai. The only problem I have is with the rear tire. I plan on getting a paddle tire.

Meantime, back to the filter. I will be trying the Yamaha GYT 2 stage filter (GYT-5TJ95-00-00) with the no-toil filter oil. How do you guys think this combo will work?

Has anbody got experience with the K&N air filters for bikes? I am not so concerned about performance as I am about filtration. Are the K&N's good for filtration or only performance?

i am a big fan of the no toil system.

I use it and find the process is um 'no toil'. when you wash your filters it takes about 1 maybe two minutes with hot water using their filter cleaning powder, and the filter comes out like new, and i'm using a twin air filter too. and the rim grease lets nothing through. most impressed with this product.


just yesterday the mrs had bought a top (maternity i might add) and the lady at the shop said there is a little mark on it, so if you cant get it out i'll refund your $. she tried with some laundry shit and it wouldnt budge, so i tried some no toil powder and what do you know, no trace of the stain. hope this helps with riding in the desert.????

Another vote for NO-Toil. When we go out for several days I bring my bucket with the cleaner Oil And rim grease. I also have a 2nd filter element that I keep clean so I can oil and grease and throw in the bike quick. All you need is water.

So much easier (and CHEAPER) than using solvents, plus it's cleaner from a green standpoint. :thumbsup:

No sure about the GYT-R filters but I just checked on the Aussie Yamaha parts schedule and they run at twice the cost (around AUD 55) of a similar Twin Air (about 29 AUD).

Two stage filters are good and I think is you can get hold of the Twin Air cleaning kit (includes rim grease) you can use it with any filter.

Re Tyres:

Maxxis make a good desert tyre (check TT forum) that will also run on other surfaces if you dont want to go the paddle route.

I can imagine treaction is at a premium out there!

I just bought the no toil cleaner/oil; my only concern is that the rim grease kinda melts when it sits on the filter. I hope that it seals as good as the Bel-Ray waterproof grease that I used to use. Does anyone have this "problem"with the No Toil rim grease?

Is the rim grease a special type of grease or will any silicone based 0ring grease work? :thumbsup:

Is the rim grease a special type of grease or will any silicone based 0ring grease work? :bonk:

Any grease at all would do brother, just use the waterproof grease you do your bearings with. You should be well aquainted with this stuff, and have a huge supply on hand. :thumbsup:

No Toil is good: one proviso, dont leave a filter in the bike with this oil for more than about two the filter will stick to anything it is touching and tear when removed ...

Had to bring this back's why:

I throw the filter and filter cage into a bucket of warm water for a few minutes and the filter falls off the cage like the meat from the bone on a perfectly cooked turkey.

Then I throw in cleaner (generic Oxi-Clean) and continue the cleaning process.

I didn't figure this out until I tore the stock filter to pieces.

Hope this helps!

No Toil and use a PC Racing sealing ring.It sticks to the air box and you don`t need rim grease.It actually seals better than the rim grease and no mess.About $12.00 - It looks like wet suit material with a peel and stick backing.I put in place than heat witha hair dryer to bond adhesive to air box.Dave,

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