06 YZ 450F Radiator guards/skid plates

I remember reading in DR that the 250/450 share rads this year Unabiker, if that's any help to you. I'm also interested in seeing pics of people's rad braces and skids, the stock skid on the 06 doesn't look like it offers much protection.

Anyone heard back from Unabiker? Im dyin' over here!

no but I did get my Works connection skid plate today......... :thumbsup:

dang that was quick! Did you use UPS ground?

No I wanted by the weekend - they would not guarante - so I put it on my own UPS acct for 2 day.....it probably would have made it by friday but.... :thumbsup:

Hey it took 30 seconds to install - looks good but the top has - no support under it - but it should work well to guard from rocks :thumbsup:

It covers the bottom frame rails - should keep impact to frame at a minimum.

anyone have the devol rad gaurds yet? recieved mine and either I'm really stupid or this is a poorly engineered product. top of shroud sits at least 1/2" from where it would stock and need to force bottom of shroud over to mount making the bike a good bit wider than stock at the bottom of the radiators.

Still waiting to hear from Brian. I will shoot him an email and see what he's up too. My other Unabikers are top notch. :thumbsup:

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