OH NO! A blown out seal around the shifter.

I recently posted something about this earlier, and grayracer said that if I moved the bike and oil was still coming out, then it was the seal around the shifter. Well I moved my bike and it dropped some more oil, and after looking at it, it looks like the seal around the shifter is where it is coming from. My friend who has a YZ250 has said that to change out that little rubber seal that you have to split the cases. I dont have the know how to do that, nor do we want to spend $400 to get 1 little seal changed. So, my question is, do you really have to split the cases to change the rubber seal where the shifter goes into the transmission?

I doubt the seal gets inserted from the inside. That means just jam a small screw driver in it and pry it out and push a new seal in there. Just becareful about scratching the shifter shaft and the cases.

Lay the bike on the throttle side so you can see what youre doing. And get it good and clean before you start messin around with it.

shut the gas off lay the bike on it's side,take the shifter off,get some small self tapping sheet metal screws, drive them into the rubber part of the seal(it's junk anyway) then gently pry on the screws,it should pop right out,apply a !! little !! heat w/ a propane torch if it sticks,dont heat the area too much or you'll be doing a counter shaft seal too.

Follow Shawn's advice....and stop listening to your friend. :thumbsup:

So, I am guessing you have done this before on your 426?

I've done that sort of thing enough times to know it's a piece of cake. :thumbsup: Do it just like Shawn laid it out.

90% of the time when a shifter shaft is leaking it is due to a bent shaft and not the seal. If you think about the job that seal has to do, or really not do (very little movement of the parts, non rotating) you can see how it is unlikely that the seal is your problem. Did you wreck or throw a chain lately?

While you're down there, don't forget to check the neutral switch for cracks, and be sure the drain plug and return line are tight.

Make sure the engine breather line is free and "puffing" when you run the bike.

Rode my Wr in a couple of muddy enduros with a big skid plate. Both times the countershaft seal started to leak. I pulled it out and replaced it. next muddy enduro it did it again. Seems the breather tube got clogged with mudd and the oil found its way out the cs seal. I keep it clear and my problems have disapeared.

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