Top End Rebuild XR650L


I recently purchased a used 2000 xr650l, then I blew the rings. Still have compression but now there is a ton of white smoke.

My questions are what will I need to do a top end and is there a good place online to buy these parts?

Valve cover gasket

Head Gasket

Base Gasket


Piston (maybe)



By the individual parts on ebay cheaper. I would also shell out another for 150-200 on a hotcam while it's apart. You will be glad you did.

Gasket sets, cams, valves, pistons...etc all pops up on ebay.

James- how did you do that? How many miles?

Also- anywhere in the syracuse-cortland-binghamton area?


I'm getting ready to do a top end re-build on my '87 XL600R (the XR650L's daddy) as I have a cracked cylinder. I found a used cylinder and piston set on eBay (from a parted out bike with 10K miles) for $50 and ordered a top end gasket set from for $29.00. It looked like has all of the parts you'll need, including Wiseco pistons and taller cams, if you're so inclinde to do that while upgrading.

Me, I'm rebuilding the XL600R on the cheap, well because I am cheap :thumbsup: , and I only paid $300 for the bike.

I'll letcha know how it turns out.


If you want factory parts is cheap and they have very good customer service and a great website with factory part number fiches. If you want aftermarket parts i would check the Thumpertalk store. I have compared price between TT store, Dennis Kirk and chaparral and the TT store was the cheapest. As for the hotcam, try ebay. There is a guy selling them for 126.99 plus $6.95 shipping. ...Aj


The guy I bought the XR from put on a 42 or 43 teeth rear sprocket to make the bike more aggressive, I admit great for the dirt but I need it for commuting, plus the guy had crashed it a few times so the shrouds were not on the bike when I bought it, so racing motor, not enough cooling..........I should have known better, my first air cooled bike, it has 11000 miles. The stock rear sprocket is 45 teeth.


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