AV gas ?

Do any of you fellas know the good or bad of using Av (avation fuel) in your bike.

From what i've heard, it will damage your valves, not completely sure...

I used to use it in my 1986 Husqvarna--100 low lead av gas.

It is a waste to buy fuel with an octane rating more then what the engine was designed for. I think the WR's want a 95 octane and I do run pump gas 92. Anything more than the recommended rating can actually lead to a power reduction while too little can do the same.

I work in aviation industry and AVGAS has a high(er) octane rating that is primarily obtained by the use of additives which help prevent detonation.

As stated in the thread, higher ratings will not give you more power alone so just use the recommended (unleaded) fuel for your engine. However, your bike will run on Avgas as a last resort...get you home if needed


your bike is designed to run on unleaded and av gas is low lead, thats what hurts the valves. :thumbsup:

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