Triple clamp......

So I had my first real crash on this thing. Ripped my Renthal fat bars right off the triple clamps. Broke my foot, bent the right side radiator in, even with the crappy Works connection radiator braces.

Anyone know what is the best top triple clamp for the 2006 RMZ 450? I have heard the RG3 is great but doesn't Team Suzuki use Pro Taper?

Anyone no where to get them at a good price?

try ebay it is a long shot but it is worth a try :thumbsup:

i'm looking too, even by ebay, and rg3 is the best, the twin double attach is a great idea, but price is for Pro-Rider....

i saw a lot of american producers, but shipping and custom fee makes it not cheap for me.

i can't post here the links, but google has the answer.


I would agree that RG3 is the best and the most expensive.

Team Sukzuki does run RG3 clamps. In the summer Brock Hepler :thumbsup: is always at a local track showing the rest of us how fast the pro's really are :bonk:

RG3...hands down the best out PERIOD.

RC runs a works clamp (to fit the MASSIVE fork tubes) , but all the 125 class guys used the RG3. They are the best.

Check out Tri Star. Great setup top, lower and shaft for cheap money.

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