06 LE's

Welp, Im taking delivery of two brand new 06 LE yammies tomorrow, a 250f and a 450f, (still can't believe it, lol).

But anyways, I was just wondering if anyone had seen any descent graphics kits/ pre fabbed number plate air box fender fork guard trip pieces for the yellow bikes? I had been planning on getting the blue ones but my local dealer threw two LE's on the showroom as i walked in the door, and they were just so pretty I couldn't resist.

thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to answer


Shawn, I too have an LE 450. As far as I know one industries is the only one making graphics for the yellow and it's the hurricane hannah kit so it wouldn't be that much different. Factory Effex makes pre printed backgrounds in their DX1 line with yellow accents and they look pretty trick, as for trim kits and fenders you might have to go custom there like with 180 or decal works. That's about all I know, sorry if not much help. I was hoping for some more options too but I'm a little thankful because I know I'd regret pulling the stock LE graphics off, they just look too sharp so that's staying stock, I plan on getting a full set of blue plastic and get graphics, fenders, and a trim kit so then I'll have the best of both worlds. Good luck to ya mate. :thumbsup:

I was gonna get some other plastics too, but now I have grown so fond of the Yellow, I am gonna keep it. :thumbsup:

I ordered a set of backgrounds today from Decalworks in Super design custom yellow with black accents for my LE :thumbsup:

They are also working on perfect colormatch for fender /airbox decal protect etc.....

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