2006 250f shootout!

all of the videos on that site turn into an advertisement before really saying anything... maybe im not looking at the right video though.

Sweet i liked them all

I liked the girls of baja myself

I liked the girls of baja myself

Who wouldn't! :thumbsup:

That was lake elsinore vet track, and that huge downhill jump was at cahuilla...they wernt jumpin to far, but they did do the huge step up step down, those bikes look nice.

kawi won

well put.. but 06 red deffinately takes 1 on the podium :thumbsup:

the vid didn't say who won but I looked at a book and honda won sorry to say.

I like the yzf and sxf myself.

yzf yzf. :thumbsup::bonk:

Actually if you read the article related to the video they put Kawi #1, Honda #2, KTM #3 and Yam #4. Not much of a difference in these bikes though - all good

Sweet Vids!!! :thumbsup:

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