red hot??

I suspect that this will be a silly question to most but..

I have a brand new WR 450 and tonight i started it in the dark...the pipe became instantly red that normal? :thumbsup:


Yep, completely normal!! :thumbsup:

Mine doesn't and never has--guess I'm more abnormal that I thought!

Perfectly normal, just dont be stupid like I did and started to take the skid plate off after a ride. When i was yankin on the wrench, it popped the screw loose and my knuckle went right on the pipe. The skin is still a different shade of red, and that was almost a year ago.

most bikes from the factory are jetted a little lean accounting for the header turning red. just richen it up a little bit and by that I mean maybe an 1/8 turn and the red will go away.

God I love this question :thumbsup:

Seems like everone who starts there WR or YZ at night asks this question.

Absolutely normal. This can be see on a bikes and cars with single wall tubing for exhust in the dark.

Too lean, with the stock jetting it will glow easy. How does it start? I have the JD red needle and a 48 pilot and no red glow, its hot but not red hot. My 03 and 05 are the same.

Yea, my quad and bike both do it. I think its kinda romantic, sometimes me and my girlfriend put my quad in the driveway, start it, get a chair and cuddle up to it, roast marshmallows and stuff like that.

Mine does too but it does't get around past the radiator. The carb was stopped up when I bought the bike. If it had gas in it for a while you might try blowing the carb out if its real bad. I'd go up on the pilot jet while I had the carb apart. The owner of the local Honda dealership told me that all the competition bikes are jetted for around 70 degrees and California air.

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