Fleetwood Scorpion S1, Opinions??

Anyone have any experience with this particular camper/trailer? I have been wanting a toy hauler for quite some time now and I saw these at a recent RV show here in Wichita. If anyone has any experience with the Fleetwood Scorpion series, let's hear your opinions. Thanks,


I am interested in this also if somone could share there experiance with us.

i have a 2005 scorpion s1, and i really like it. mine has the optional add on room and it gives alot of space. the only problem they have is the tounge weight is kinda high, anywhere from 900 to 1500 pounds. i tow mine with a 2005 gmc 2500hd and it does great.

That was my first thing that I looked at when our family started looking at haulers. The thing that pointed me elsewhere was that for the amount of $ they are asking for them, your actual living space is very small (look at the sink/fridge/storage inside). There was a very small $ difference in my area between that and the Weekend Warrior Supercross series (which has a generator option, as well as a "hard" enclosed living space - some RV parks will not allow pop-ups or tents due to bears). That's just my personal experience from shopping over the past 3 years... Don't get me wrong - I was totally sold on the S1 - the concept is great. But once I got to see them side by side with other haulers and compared apples to apples, the decision wasn't hard to make. Just my .02


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