Acerbis Flags (Handguards)???

Does anyone out there in TT land know anything about Acerbis Flags, are they decent? What kind of mount do they use? Are they adjustable enough? I know they won't offer protection for my grips or levers but I need something to protect my digits from roost and small branches.

I think they run around $29 with the mounts running another $9, do you think they are worth it. Has anyone used them before?

Sorry for all of the questions but you guys know all of the answers!!

Thanks again for the info!



My friend has a set on his KX for awhile now and likes them.They mount to the frt. brake master & clutch pirch. Adjustable to a point but good enough. I plan to buy some for use at the track.

I ran a pair of flag guards on my bike. At first I was afraid the plastic mounts would break on a crash. After several spills and branch bashing I found the hand guards to be suprising strong. I liked them. I am now running the acerbis rally handguards and even like them better! They are super tough and I feel more confidence in them. I haven't bent or broke a lever yet. For the money, I would go with the Rallys. has them for $45. I think they have the flags for $25.

my bhandguards are looking awful, even for me, someone who is interested in perfrormance over appearance every time; it's about time they went!

does anyone now make barkbusters that fit protaper bars?


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