Scott ss filter wich way?

I have an 03 wr450 and have a scott ss filter for it. Wich way does it go in? Gasket in towards engine or gasket out towards filter cover?

Mine was only open on one end so I put the open end in first and the end that was closed off facing out towards me.

I think it can only fit one way.

Mine was only open on one end so I put the open end in first and the end that was closed off facing out towards me.

and then your bike went :thumbsup: ?

so what is the right way. It can go both ways.

Your cover doesn't have a "blade" on it?

On the 250, it'll only go in one way.... open end toward the cover.

How did the OEM filter come out?

Yep, both my WR & YZ have that "blade"(good description) on the cover. Open end w/gasket goes on the blade. :thumbsup: Don't think the cover will go back on the other way.

Well i listened to the first reply and put it in with the gasket towards the engine. It went on fine. So now what? Do I have to take it back off and turn it around? Do I have to drain the oil for this again or what?

I believe the oem filter has gaskets on both ends. I bought this bike used with the filter in it and didn't pay attention when I pulled it out.

What year and engine size is it?

The open end of the filter goes out, but if you lay the bike on its side, you'll only have minimal oil loss when you flip the filter...SC

I just looked at the drawings for 2000-2003, covering 400, 426, and 450.

Unless someone modified your cover, I don't see how you could install it backwards, but if you put the gasket and hole toward the inside of the engine, it is indeed backwards.

Can you post a photo of your cover? It should have a "blade" on it. The purpose of it is to align the filter so it properly covers the feed bores.

If you have the open end down, and are lucky enough not to have blocked off the oil passage iin the center of th ecover, you essentially have no oil filter. I don't know how you managed this one, but it's wrong.

the OEM types have a gasket on the inboard end because they are so flimsy compare to the Scotts, and the extra squish of the rubber "seal" on the bottom is used to apply pressure to the real seal against the cover. The Scotts does not need this.

Another possibility is that you have the wrong Scotts filter element. Compare it to an OEM one.

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