Need advice on new Pig

I picked up an 05 BRP with 60 miles on it last week. After draining the fuel and getting it started with new gas, I rode it today and need advice. I'm at 5000' and the throttle has a bog in it at about 1/2 to full in 1st thru 5th. It goes up ok if I roll on slow, but if I open up like I would on my 600, it bogs and doesn't quite catch again. I think the main is a 125, and the pilot is 2 turns out. Could this be the bad gas still or just too rich? The airbox is unplugged, and it has the stock pipe insert. Thanks in advance for the help.

You should install all the parts that come with the HRP power up kit including the HRP high flow pipe insert and the intake manifold. Then check that the jetting is correct as comes with power up kit. Also re inspect air box to be sure both air intakes are unplugged. Now you will be close to correct and you may need only minor adjustments for the 5000' elev.

Thank you for the advice. I jetted it today with a 68s pilot, and 158 main, and 3rd clip position. I also installed the round carb inlet boot. It started on middle choke position and the flat spot in the throttle is gone. It wheelies and is much faster off the bottom than before. I'm going to leave the pipe insert in for one tank of gas, and pull the plug to check. Freakin unreal difference in the power already!

Jetting was the way to go... definately not enough fuel in stock form! And just for clarification the un-restricted intake manifold is PART of the HRC power up kit that you can buy! I used to run that w/ a 175 main jet, as sold by BAJA Designs. But once your used to that, and you want more, I recommend the Edelbrock Pumper carb... then you will know what power is all about!!!

I really wonder why Honda even bother to do all these resrtiction when sending bikes over to you guys??? Because as far as I can tell every one who buys one junks it all anyway. Of course I understand that the governing bodies decided this in the first place and trust everyone to comply!!!!

Glad you found the true goodness that the XR has. :-)

Emissions laws is why Honda doesn't do it. Fortunately, Honda makes it affordable and easy to 'uncork.'

The 68s may be too rich for you at that elevation. I would look at the 65s, one step leaner. Also the 158 main may still be a tad lean. Sea level jetting is ~175 main jet. I think a 168 -172 would be more appropriate. Good luck.

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