Just installed the Pro Moto Billet end cap....

Just installed the Pro moto billet end cap on my 426 and I love it. The fit and finish is absolutely perfect. I also decided to install the quiet insert and that lowered the sound out-put to an OK 95 dB. The problem now is that it is extremely hard to start (15-20 kicks cold and 5-10 hot), but once I do get it fired up it runs perfectly with out backfiring or anything like that. so does anyone have any suggestions for jetting or other carb adjustments to make starting easier. Thanks

I installed the Pro moto billet cap with the quiet insert on my yz426f 2 years ago. The starting and low end was not affected. I drop the main 1 size when using the quiet insert or she runs rich.

Definitely lean out the fuel screw a little. When I take my quiet tip out of my YZ450 PMB tip I have to go out about 1 full turn on the fuel screw.

You're too rich.

(waits for someone to call me a liar and say it's too lean... :thumbsup: )


I installed the pmb spark arrestor on my 426, and repacked the pipe..

It was quieter than stock, so I dont run the insert..Repacking the pipe will quiet it down...I chucked the rivets and tapped the can with 10/ 32 threads..

I use stainless button heads and now repacking is quick and easy..

Do you guys have any pictures? I have been thinking about doing this to My YZ pipe. Please post some pics if you have any, thanks.

I'd go with its running a little rich. I installed my quiet tip and screen only to find myself having a CAT scan a little while later :thumbsup:. From what I can work out, I must have stalled in the air and endoed with the bike coming down on my head (yup, stupid me). Never really got to the bottom of it, as I've been a little scared to install it again :bonk:

02WR426Cali I have a great picture of the End cap in my Garage..... check it out :thumbsup:

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