Hello all! Just want to give everyone a heads up on N-style, They are one of the biggest lieing bunches of shit I ever bought from. They scamed my ass for over 50 bucks. I hope they come to a national close to me so I can tell them face to face they suck ass.

So.... what happened?

what happened to you too piss you off so much

OK OK here it is. I ordered a custom seat for my 06 RM-Z450 and when it came in I did A dry fit to see if it was going to fit and when I did that I knew the back part was sewed wrong. So I call them up and told them what was going on, they told me that I could return it for a new one or they would give me my money back, They also went on to tell me that I could try putting it on and if it didn't work they still would let me return for a full refund. Well I took it to my upholster to install it and just as i said no go on the back part of the seat. Called up and told them and they said ship it back and we will refund your money or make you a new one. I sent it back and I called today to give them My credit card # and they tell me no way are we refunding you your money. I blew a *%#&)$# gasket. He put me on hold and later came back and said that they had an RM-Z there and they dry fitted it and it fit fine. That threw me into a tantrem because I do not like being lied to. So I told him to take the seat cover and shuv it up his ass as far as he could and I would stop enough buisness that would more than pay for that seat. I hope they are near a national near me so I can say it right to the liers face. "GAME ON"

If that's what happened they should not even flintch to give a new one, that is a sign of a bad company. :thumbsup:

I've never had problems w/ N-Style. That's the only company that I've got graphics from. I think that the stuff looks the best. Sorry to hear that.

Bad service, but a bad temper will get you know where. Im all for getting mad at people but it gets ya no where, makes ya feel better though.

Get a SDG seat anyways, 100 times better and a perfect fit

Never had any problems with N-Style graphics or seat covers, in fact I think they have the best fit of anything i've ever tried. I had and SDG seat for a kx250 and it didn't fit worth crap though. How does the back not fit right anyways? you're supposed to start from the front and stretch your way to the back. the only problem i could see if you run out of material, otherwie just cut it off. I think i would've sided with N-Style on this one

Your running a stock seat right?

by the way, i just got the SDG step seat for my RMZ450. SHWEET!

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