HotCams in 05 WR450f???

Has anyone here installed any Hotcams in a 05 WR450f? I ordered a set for my bike, installed them and the auto decompress in the exhaust cam will not let the compression off enough to start with the starter. And it will break your leg with the kick starter.

I've called Hotcams and they want me to send the cam in to them to check. Since then I have reinstalled the stock cams and it starts and runs like it used too.

I compared the Hotcam with the stock cam and found that the auto decompress pin in the cam is much longer on the stock cam than the Hotcam. Thus giving a faster and more compression release. I even put the valves on the low side of the specs (.20mm) thinking this would give the pin more push on the bucket. Still wouldn't start with the starter.

Looks to me like Hotcams needs to make the pin in their cams the same length as the stock cams or it isn't going to start with the Estarter.

ANyone else run into this?


JRBrooks had a similar problem with his 426. I have heard of issues on other bikes as well with Hot Cams. :thumbsup:

What part # are you refering to? Part #4044-1e has a long decompression pin, same as stock, and 4022-1e has a shorter one for kick only.

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