IMS tank for 06 YZ?

I know that they are available (3 gallon natural) has any one got one installed that they could post a few pictures of? I saw Pearson's picture from the front but it doesn't show the tank real well.


I ordered one today, I was hoping the same thing, can anyone help?

man I was hoping for the picture as well! I refuse to order before I see at least some good shots of it. I trust IMS generally.....but things can always go wrong!

I have one on mine. I try to remeber to take some pictures tonight when I get home and I'll post them tomorrow

Cool, thanks alot!! :thumbsup:

Put mine on last night, fits very well and dose not move around . White looks so good with BLUE :thumbsup:

Pics please!!!! I am nervous to see if the IMS tank is farther forward on the frame interfering with the post for my GPR damper!! Any pics of this area would be great.


Sorry about not posting the pics yet. I should have my caera working tonight. I too have a GPR steering stabilizer and the tank does not interfere with the post of the stabilizer. I will be sure to put in some close up pisc of that.



Here are the pictures. Let me know if you need some more.










Man, that doesnt look half bad, thanks for the pics. Now, If I could just get mine.

That yellow looks real nice. :thumbsup:

That is exactly what I was looking for!!! Thanks. Nice looking makes me wish I got the yellow one! Is your tank the natural color?



Yes it is.

Thanks for the shots! Looks like the folks at IMS out-did themselves. Great looking tank and the petcock being high and inverted makes it a step-up from the steel framer. I'll bet there sold-out now! LOL

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