Need jetting advice for Phoenix riding

I am taking a trip down to Phoenix in a week, and I want my bike runnin clean, I already have the JD kit, but I just ordered the AIS removal. What are you guys running down in Arizona? We are gonna be riding some tracks in Phoenix and a couple trails in Mesa I think. Any help would be appreciated, my buddy has a CRF that I need to show him what a real bike rides like :thumbsup:

Looks like it will be 60 or 70s in Phoenix. I'm in Vegas, so I imagine the temperature and altitude are roughly the same (probably warmer in Phoenix). But, in my 03, I'm using the 168 Main, 48 pilot, JD red #5, 72 starter, and 40 leak, with stock pipe with PMB insert, snorkel removed, free mods. The above has worked well at temps from 50 to 80. Waiting to see how it will do this summer.

Phoenix jetting for an '04, open airbox, stock exhaust w/ PMB insert: 170 main, 48 pilot, 40 leak, 72 starter, Blue #4.

Runs perfect from 45 to 65 degrees. Gets a little rich when it's warms up in the afternoon, but not too bad.


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