Search: The sexiest WR out there...

Good job on your bike it looks great!

gave mine a face lift, now i think its in with a good chance lol...





Here is mine... I'm still not sure if I like the gold yet :thumbsup: might look better with yellow numberplates...

WR fs view.jpg

WR s view.jpg

Here is mine... I'm still not sure if I like the gold yet

Nice bike, but I don't like the gold..

Hey I was kinda curious if any body had any more wr's to show off? So post up!! :thumbsdn::devil::thumbsdn:

I agree bike looks cool


Hey Bandit, can you pm me about your rotor, I love it............


I like the Red Bull shock reservoir cover!! :devil:


holy smokes....

that looks awesome beejay :devil: who did those graphics?


Hey BeeJay What did XGX charge you for the for the tank and shroud graphics? :devil::thumbsdn::thumbsdn:

They were about $74.00, imported them from BTO sports.

Here is my 04 WR450 with a 1000 miles of dirt riding.


who makes those handguards? Schweeeet!

yamewr450mike how do you keep your frame blue by the pegs with no frame gaurds? with those miles.

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