Search: The sexiest WR out there...

Another Aussie contender!

2000 WR400F

Extra bits:

B&B Bashplate

B&B Frame guards

Tag tapered bars

Embo Handguards

Aftermarket clutch/auto decomp perch

Gripper seat

N-Style Backgrounds

Factory Effex Evo-3 Graphics

Factory Effex Trim Kit

New all blue ufo plastics

YZ rear guard

UFO LED tail light

Slimline rear indicators

19" rear wheel

Fork seal savers

Twin air filter

YZ400F exhaust

Headlight protector

YZ seat and tank

bet no othegriswalds013.jpg





ne has these graphics i also have a spare set

Jim Beam and dirtbikes... a match made in heaven !

where are you guys getting your dual sport kits. I have a 06 wr250 and i live in wa state and Ive heard that theres some kind of loophole where i cant get it registered to be street legal in wa but if i go to idaho and register it there and then come back and register it in wa it will work. PLease help.

I bought the barley legal kit on Ebay for $89. It is just a horn, tail light switch, wiring harness and licence plate holder. The instructions are awsome.

It is very easy to get a plate here in Hood River, Oregon. All I had to do was have the dealer sign a form and take it back to the DMV. Had a plate in six weeks!

The form just states that the bike is safe and passes emision tests. You can also fill out another form that says "YOU" certify the bike is safe and legal. No inspection at all. It really was too easy.

You could register it here in Oregon and then transfer it to Washington...

P.S. You ever ride Gifford Pinchot National Forest? It's HUGE!

check out old yellers pics. their borderline creepy. especially the one in the water at sunset. ha ha

Here's my girl....


Here's my girl....


Nice Dan,

Green sticker and plated! top off with some black bling...I like it. :mad:

Thanks Eddie..

wow dont know how you guys keep them so nice bought mine brand new in april it wont clean up like that oh well told my friends i "bought it to wreak it" it might take a while but a lot of fun

Nice bike Dan, what GPS did you go with and how do you like it,



Nice bike Dan, what GPS did you go with and how do you like it,



Well it looks to be either a 60 series, or a rino.

Yep, it's a Garmin Map60c...It's been a great GPS (although I've broken three). I've fallen a few times, and whacked one with my helmet in a whoop section. Garmin has replace two of them for free and I just had to pay $135 for my recent replacement. The Ram mount is awesome but I need to re-think the mounting of the unit as I feel that the GPS is too vulnerable in the place I've been using it in.

I'm bringing sexy back with my WR. They are only sexy to me when they're dirty/:mad::mad:


I do clean it after every ride though. This is before the WISP GNCC. You shoulda seen it after! UGH!!!


Check out the TRICK Dr.D Carbon pipe! Same one used on the factory MX bikes. I know people who know people. :mad:

WOW! :cheers: You guys have my frigg'n head spinning, I don't even know where to start! Here's my '01 bought it off E-bay last year with 70 miles on it, haven't attempted any mods yet. Thanks for all the great posts and ideas.

Hope the link works never used photobucket:confused:

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