I finally got the rest of the rubber off of the tire from the rim! :thumbsup:

I tried putting on the tire and it's impossible! :bonk:

I'm going to have to pay $15.00 to get the tire mounted at a motorcyle shop! :thumbsup:

Then the process of putting everything back together! :eek:

Does it matter which way the tire goes? :p

Directional tires will have an arrow on the said indication direction of rotation. As far as I know, dirt bike tires and non-directional.

Tire always go this way: :eek::p:worthy::cool::prof::lol::lol:

Stop trying to change the tires with your bare hands Marcus. Put on some gloves and muscle that bead onto the rim! :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup:


i reckon you should give it a go yourself.

and keep providing us comentary of your progress.

that we we can assist you in getting to learn how it's done

plus it has been slightly amusing creating a mental picture of you doing it.

good luck, have a go mate. you can do it.

it's just like dragging off an xr 80, and with that new tyre on he'll have no show against you.

The trick is to keep the the edge of the tire (bead) in the middle of the rim opposite of the side your prying on/ levering over the rim, bead buddy from motion pro helps a lot,i've got it down to 30 min. used to take 1.5 hrs with lots of cussin'. dirt rider.net has some good info as i'm sure this forum does to, have fun. :thumbsup:

The trick to tire changine is a healthy dose of cussin' with a dash of spittin'. Works every time.

Dish soap on the bead.

Windex, 3 tire irons and a purpose. Got it down to less than 15 minutes off the bike to back on ready to ride. Give it a try, it takes practice to get your technique down. Everyone busts knuckles and cusses like a sailor for the first 30 or so times they do it.

Hint, when learning, another set of hands and a five gallon bucket come in real handy so to speak.

Now go get it!!


I suggest leaving the tire outside overnight so that it is nice and cold, then use a couple of stubby screwdrivers to get the tire on the rim :thumbsup: Oh yeah, make sure you use straight blade screwdrivers, the phillips make it too difficult :bonk: Please keep us up to date with your progress :thumbsup:

Yeah, and don't forget to ALWAYS do it sprocket side up.

Thanks for all of the help! :thumbsup:

I used 2 tire irons and some flat head screwdrivers and got the some more of the tire on the rim. :bonk:

It's stretched so tight that nobody could pull it in only a machine! :thumbsup:

I am putting half the tire on and then I will put the tube in.

Hold the opposite side of the tire so that the bead is in the center of the rim not at the edge. That way you will have the clearance to pull it over the rim.

Keep at it, you'll get it. I must admit it brings back memories (painful) of learning to change them.

Now before you go any further go get some liquid analgesic. It comes in many forms, the barley malt variety, distilled spirits or even a nice wine. Apply internally as often as needed.


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