longer decomp cable anywhere?

where can i get a longer decomp cable?

mine is trying to strangle the oil filler hole as it takes a short cut across the front of the bars.


I bought a custom set of longer cables for wider than stock bar on my '99 WR from Terrycable. They could only extend my stock throttle cables since the end fittings were not something they carry, but made new clutch and decompression cables from scratch. I think they were about $20 but can't remember for certain. http://www.terrycable.com/

or 1-800-854-4691

I hear ya brother....I replaced my bars with Renthal Fat Bars and the Universal adapter and wound up having to mount my decomp lever under the bar next to the clutch lever. I thought it was going to be a pain but have found that I can manipulate the clutch and the decomp simultaneously now and can even bump start ol blue on the roll.

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

cheers lads!

i have seen this under the bars mod before and how you can pull both clutch and decomp for a flying start! he's the guy that had mounted the hotstart on the bar for $1.

however i've got the magura juice clutch and i'm stuck with this set-up.

thanks again.


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