Hang'em high

Thats right!

Get your flags out and hang'em high.

If you don't have one, go get one.

Let's show those pukes uor pride and confidence in our nation has no been shaken!

I will be putting one on my truck today!

Already Done!

A guy here in Phoenix took the day off and drove around the city in his SUV with the American Flag flying out the rear window.

I can't remember what he said, but basically he wanted to remind everyone that we will not stand for this and said he is tired of seeing everyone filled with so much hate for each other.

I ride a motorcycle to work everyday, but I'm thinking of devising a way to carry a flag too.


wallmart sold a insane amount of flags today.

Here is one for your e-mails, etc. ("right clic" and then select [save picture as:])


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did ya one better, gave uncle sugar 20+ years.

I have one on the back window!

Go to www.ilovejeeps.com. They have a rear window sticker prepared, with profits of the sales going to NYC Fire and Rescue. The Jeep owners club I'm in over here are trying to organise a mass donation.

Your link has a typo. This one should work properly...


God Bless America

Just wanted to comment on the playing of our National Anthem at Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guard yesterday. I was personally floored by this. Completely unprecidented show of support & tribute to those killed. Not only from England, but the rest of the world as well. For once I think the entire world has finally realized that terrorists and the countries that allow them to do business are an enemy to ALL human beings. Justice is at hand!

Driving home from work today. Some guy was stannding on a overpass waving the flag and holding a sign saying "honk if you love America". It was great to hear all the honking in rush hour traffic. Never thought I'd say that :)



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When I was in Marine Boot Camp in Oct. 1991, during Desert Storm, we were doing a march in full field gear across an overpass in California. We had our Platoon Flag raised high and every car, truck, etc was honking at us as they drove by. Man was that motivating to see their support. Most of us were dead tired from the long march dreading the deep sand beach before us, but the honking re-energized us all.

If you've never served in the military you have no idea how important it is to the Armed Forces to feel your support. Next time you see a military member in uniform, be sure to let them know you appreciate what they are doing for our country. It will really make their day.


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