Rear brake pedal

I am looking for a new rear brake pedal for my 05' WR450. I have been searching Ebay and found a new one for a WR250 part number 4XM-27200-00-00 for a good price. I have been searching through the TT OEM store and found that the YZ450 and WR450 use part number 5TA-27200-00-00. Does anyone know the difference between these two part numbers and if the former can be used on a WR450?

Also, I have done some searching and have not been able to find an aftermarket replacement, does anyone know where I can find one?

I had a BBR brake pedal on my 400 and it SUCKED!!!! It was nothing more than overpriced bling............

Why do you need a new one?

I low sided and caught it on a root, it was bent into an "L" shape. I hammered it back into shape but it is too close to the clutch cover and I am afraid if I do any more adjusting it will break. I have a Brake Snake ready to be installed with my new pedal when I get it.

BBR no longer has an aftermarket pedal on their web site.


I don't know what an OEM one costs but I think that they are as good as any :thumbsup:

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