05 WR valve agjustment

Does anyone know the pad sizes for an 05 WR California model. I pulled off the top cover to measure the tolerances, but I could not find anything in the manual about what size pads I have. I know that I can pull the cam off to check them, but I would like to avoid that if at all possible. If anyone has checked the clearances for this bike, any information would be helpful.

They will all be engine specific, you will just have to pull the buckets and read them or measure them if the numbers are not clear. It is not hard, and if you are adjusting them then you will have to pull the cams anyway. Hope this helps.


Yamaha-motor.com has a parts catalauge with all the parts listed for every yamaha made since 1982 or so. Look up your bike, they have pad sizes and part # for it

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