New bike for me.

I got the jetting (main, needle and Pilot) I've read the

"uncork the airbox" and "suspension tuning" guides. I've bought a IMS

4.6gal tank and a FMF Q2 pipe for it as well as the Baja Designs EZ Dual

sport kit and Dunlop 606's and the the new (un blocked) intake manifold.

The bike arrived at the dealer yesterday, so I went and did a touchy feely

of the bike today.... it sure is sweet!! :bonk::thumbsup:

Heres some pics I took .. .... this would be the "Before Shots"



If this thing rides half as good as it feels ..... it's going to be a dream.

It fits me like a glove. Everythng feels like its just in the right spot.

The wait is hurting me soooo bad. We are waiting for Baja Designs to get the

DS kit to the dealer so that they can fit it and get the street title for me.

I'll do the carb/jetting, pipe, tank and gearing when it gets home.

the next thing I do, will be to add the FMF HiFlo header.... it'll be near perfect


Of course then starts the shock setup / oil change. I'll strip the back end

down while it's all nice and clean and put real grease into all the joints too.

between all this I hope to ride it as well :thumbsup:

sweet machine :-)

Great looking bike. Where in Texas are you? I hope to make a decision on a KTM 525 or XR650R to DS for local Austin use and Big Bend trips.

Nice ride, they are a blast with a few mods.

Great looking bike. Where in Texas are you? I hope to make a decision on a KTM 525 or XR650R to DS for local Austin use and Big Bend trips.


I'm in Frisco, just North of Dallas.

I'm going to have to get a trailer to get to the further riding spots like

Big Bend and Sam Houston National Forest. I'll run through a rear tire just

riding there and back if I don't. :thumbsup:

The 525 was my first choice... but then there are too many guys complaining

about oil temps getting too high and having to add oil coolers and stuff....

plus Honda spares / after market stuff are eaiser and cheaper to get.

So I chickened out and went Jap. I'm really happy, I think it was a good choice.

Here's the bike after it got home.... note the "heat shield" on the rear

turn signal. The pipe was melting it.


After I got home I fitted the Speedo amd wired up the running light

on it to the Park light circut on the DS kit.

Then set about moving the rear turn signals out of harms way. this is where

they are now... soory about the bad focus, but I'm too tired to go take

another pic:


Here's still whats left to do, Fit the IMS tank and FMF pipe and rejet the carb:


Oh yes.... I did'nt get round to doing the oil change yet. I got a new filter

and oil, but I just got side tracked :rider:

Another thing, this thing is a bear to start. Once it's warm it's not too

bad, but cold start is a bit of a fight, then again, I'm so out of shape, 6

kicks and I need a break :trust:

I think I've figured it out, a bit... It needs only half choke and a little gas.

I guess I'll learn the bike and what it likes as far as starting and that sort

of thing goes. I'll be a pro by the weekend :rider:

One last thing.... Darn! this thing flies! I can't wait to uncork it. The

jets and manifold hav'nt arrived yet, but should be here by the weekend

so guess what I'll be doing ;-)

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